• Au inceput inscrierile pentru Work and Travel SUA 2018
    Primii 49 de studenti vor plati 49$ in loc de 250$ la prima taxa!
  • Inscrie-te in programul Work & Travel UK 2017 cu doar 99 lire in loc de 200!
    In plus pentru fiecare prieten recomandat mai primesti 100 lire reducere!
  • Internship SUA 2017 - 2018!
    Ai terminat Geografie sau Turism?
    Castiga de la 10$/h! Aplica ACUM!
  • Work and Travel Grecia! Salarii pana la 750 euro + cazare
    + 3 mese / zi! Pana pe 30.06 ai 50% reducere la inscriere!
  • Internship Australia 2018! Salarii intre 16 - 20 dolari australieni!
    Pana pe 30.06 ai 50% reducere la inscriere!


Students Experience - The best Work and Travel Agency in Romania


Certifications and Partners

United States Embassy in Romania
WYSE Travel Confederation

Sponsors for Work and Travel USA / Intership - Trainee / Camp Counselor 2017:

 Work and Travel USA 2017:

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 Internship USA 2017:

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Camp Counselor USA 2017:


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